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We are about to make that dream come true!

An electrifying idea, impressively brought to life by our boatbuilders and engineers. The Seacycler e-brid pedalo will revolutionise water sports and make them accessible to the general public.

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Experience the perfect moment on the water!

Sitting in the Seacycler, you can feel your heartbeat, the rhythm as you pedal – and the propulsion generated without too much exertion.


Experience the perfect moment on the water, the interplay of tranquillity and speed, the silent symbiosis of effortless acceleration and deceleration.

You can't arrive more relaxed than in the Seacycler. Because every trip feels like a little relaxing holiday.

In the Seacycler by Mermade, you feel the spirit of the moment.


2021-06-09 08:32

Experience the Seacycler live in Flensburg

We are proud to present our Seacycler to the public for the first time.
Our prototype will be on display alongside other exhibits, there will also be numerous lectures and the “RIDE A BIKE – Reclaim the City” exhibition of the German Architecture Museum of Frankfurt.
Come to the Robbe & Berking Museum in Flensburg between 12 June and 12 September to get a first impression of our brand new electric pedalo.
We will also be present at various events and will be happy to tell you personally about the Seacycler, the story behind it and the vision that drives us.

Robbe & Berking Museum – “RIDE A BIKE – Reclaim the City” exhibition

Flensburg Bicycle Summer: event highlights at a glance


Something’s coming your way ...

This is the theme of the Seacycler campaign in front of the Förde Sparkasse main branch on Kiel, where a Seacycler has been on display in a container since the company’s 225th anniversary on 1 July 2021. It underscores the company’s sustainability efforts while at the same time conspicuous drawing attention to the fact that customers of the Sparkasse can win test rides on Kiel Fjord during Kiel Week starting on 3/9/2021.


Progress on the mind, salt water in the blood.

Mermade stands for a new, driving force on the waters of the world. Creative designers, ground-breaking developers and experienced boatbuilders endeavour every day to create products that bring together electric energy, your power, and your love of the outdoors. So you can enjoy water sports with effortless ease.

Electrifiyng Europe – Seacycler Discovery Spots!

Be one of the Seacycler pioneers! We’ll notify you about where you can see us in the coming months:



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