Mitarbeiter in der Bootshalle

Pioneering spirit, enthusiasm and experience: a high-quality boat cannot be conjured out of thin air. It’s no coincidence that the Mermade team is made up of experienced specialists who have worked together and honed their sense of the essential aspects of boatbuilding over many years.

Boot in der Bootshalle

Technology meets tradition: the basis for sustainable and forward-looking locomotion on the water is people who understand their craft. The use of a mould that can be opened in the middle enables the creation of a stable monocoque hull.

The light-touch approach to sustainability: the Seacycler hull is designed to be self-stabilising. That makes it very lightweight. In combination with the pedal unit and the electric drive system, the result is a highly efficient boat that exemplifies the concept of sustainable mobility on the water.

Triple prototyping so you can glide effortlessly across the water: in our production halls, we develop three different test boats in parallel to create the optimal fine-tuning scenario for the perfect balance between the driving experience, motor and battery.

The final touches by daylight: here at Mermade, we do with everything with passion and attention to detail. This is where we put the finishing touches on the Seacycler hull.

The perfect symbiosis of elegance and efficiency: the seductive lines of the Seacycler hull are paired with a cleverly calculated underwater hull that is optimally coordinated with the drive system. So you can reach your destination with a bit of muscle power and electric assistance with effortless ease.

The future is on the water: the time has come to bring the dream to life and launch the boat. Our beautiful Seacycler will soon be in her element, setting out for new shores with her navigators.

Created in the mind, crafted by hands: CAD drawings are the basis for building a boat that seems as if it moulded as one complete unit. The Mermade team unites the highest levels of engineering and craftsmanship to turn a great idea into reality.

The world needs a new, sustainable driving force: a sense of the spirit of the moment and a passion for nature drives our team on its tireless quest for new ways of bringing visionary solutions to water mobility.

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